List of products by brand Kawai

Instruments Kawai

The GL-40 features the Millenium III mechanism with carbon ABS components that provides the most power and control mechanisms. The Core system brings a very rich tone, from very strongronators to delicate pianísimos. It is a top-of-the-range professional studio piano.

Price €15,990.00

GL-40 Kawai Piano Tail

Millenium III grand piano keyboard mechanism with new SX-EX technology, striking design, ONKYO amplification, integrated Bluetooth MIDI system and new touch screen. This is the impressive hybrid digital piano Kawai NV-10.

Price €8,802.00

HYBRID digital piano Kawai NV10

At 1.21m box height and the new AnytimeX 3 muffler system, the K300 ATX 3 Kawai stands as the benchmark for the Japanese manufacturer's mid-range.

Price €7,680.00

K300 ATX 3 Kawai Piano