Katana-100 BOSS Amplifier

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100 watt combo amplifier with a customizable 12-inch speaker.



-5 exclusive profiles

-55 customizable effects with Tone Studio BOSS software

-15 storeable effects, three of them available simultaneously

-Specific gain controls, EQ presence and effects to adjust sound quickly

-4 memories to store and activate all amplifier settings and effects

-power control to get full sounds and dynamic response at low volume

-Integrated inclined support to optimize sound monitoring and projection

-Professional configurations available in BOSS Tone Central


-POWER: 100 watts

-SPEAKER: 30 cm (12 inches)

-CONTROLS: power switch, master knob, presence knob, power control swich, AMPLIFIER: amp type knob (acoustic, clean, crounch, lead, brown), gain knob, volume knob, EQUALIZER: bass knob, middle knob, treble knob, MULTIEFFECT: booster/mod button, delay/fx button, reverb button, ta button, booster/mod knob, delay/fx knob, reverb knob, TONE SETTINGS: ch1 button, ch2 button, ch3 button, ch3 button, button

-INDICATORS: accoustic, clean, crunch, lead, brown, booster/mob, lead/fx, reverb, tao, ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4, panel

-CONNECTORS: input jack: 1/4 (phone type), aux-in jack 1/4 (phone type), rec out/phones jack: stereo 1/4 (phone type), send, return, line out jack: 1/4 (phone type), pedal exp/ctl ch1 ch2 pedal: 1/4 TRS jack (phone type), ga-fc jack: 1/4 TRS (phone type), USB port: B type, AC in: jack


-ACCESSORIES: manual owners, power cord, ga-fc sticker

-DIMENSIONS: 53cm x 24.8cm x 48.4cm

-WEIGHT: 14.8kg

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