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Digital Furniture Piano

Digital Furniture Piano

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New Grand Feel III keyboard action, new KawaiSK-EX multichannel sound sampling, redesigned panel software, enhanced Onkyo amplification with new diffusers, Virtual Technician with new features, Bluetooth MIDI and Audio with APT-X soprte, future integration with APP for iOS and Android from controlling the main functions of the piano and elegantly redesigned furniture.

Price €3,190.00

Piano digital Kawai CA-79

Millenium III grand piano keyboard mechanism with new SX-EX technology, striking design, ONKYO amplification, integrated Bluetooth MIDI system and new touch screen. This is the impressive hybrid digital piano Kawai NV-10.

Price €9,095.00

HYBRID digital piano Kawai NV10

The Kawai CN-29 is the successor to the famous Kawai CN-27. Developed in collaboration with Onkyo, a manufacturer of high-end equipment. It includes a new motherboard and an Onkyo speaker system designed to enhance sound.

Price €1,299.00

Piano digital Kawai CN-29

Combining the latest keyboard action technology with Ivory Touch and Ebony Touch Grand Feel III wooden keys from Kawai, a new 3D sound experience with Onkyo amplification, new features in its software, newly designed display, iOS and Android implementation, revamped Bluetooth standard and a newly designed furniture and cushioned lid, the CA-99 is the sumum of the digital piano.

Price €3,899.00

Piano digital Kawai CA-99