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Digital Stage Piano

Digital Stage Piano

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RD pianos have been triumphing on stages around the world for more than 30 years. Now you can enjoy the acclaimed sound and execution of an RD piano in a more accessible and affordable instrument.

Price €1,149.00

Piano digital Roland RD-88

With Roland 's new FP-10 and standard PH-A4 keyboard, you're always ready to play and feel its wonderful superNATURAL piano sound. This and the rest of the new features make this new model an essential piano.

Price €499.00

Piano digital Roland FP-10

The new CDP S100 Casio digital stage piano is the ideal instrument to play anywhere thanks to the ability to operate with batteries and its compact design. Now everything is easier with the Chordana app, with which you can easily control the piano options.

Price €399.00

Piano digital Casio CDP S100

Equipped with two independent sound engines, premium action and advanced controller features, the RD2000 Roland offers unmatched performance on stage and in the studio. This instrument combines the latest technology with modern and complete control to take the best stage piano series to new levels of inspiration and creativity.

Price €2,629.00

Piano digital Roland RD2000