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Katana MkII takes katana's acclaimed series of guitar amplifiers to the next level, increasing the power of the center platform with more sounds, more effects and more functions.

Price €269.00

Katana 50 MkII BOSS Amplifier

Katana series guitar amplifier with 100W power, switchable to 50W or 0.5W, a 12-inch speaker, 5 types of amplifier with 2 variations each and access to 60 customizable BOSS effects from the BOSS Tone Studio software.

Price €379.00

Katana 100 MkII BOSS Amplifier

Created thanks to BOSS's advanced R&D, the acclaimed Acoustic Singer guitar amp series offers best-in-class performance. With a wide range of built-in creative tools, you can easily improve your sound, develop your ideas and boost your live streams.

Price €399.00

Acoustic Singer Live LT BOSS Amplifier