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Katana 50' BOSS new amplifier is a revolution in the world of Rock. With 50 watts and a custom 12-inch speaker, the Katana 50 will fulfill your aspirations both live and in studio.

Price €244.00

Katana-50 BOSS Amplifier

The 120-watt Acoustic Singer Pro takes the acoustic stage amplifier to another dimension of sound quality and creative versatility. Includes looper for guitar and harmonizer for voice.

Price €799.00

Acoustic Singer Pro BOSS Amplifier

With 20w of power and high sound quality, the EK Audio TM20A amplifier will be the ideal complement to your acoustic instrument. Includes Bluetooth to connect a device.

Price €192.00

EK Audio TM20A Amplifier

The new BOSS Katana Air is a fantastic electric guitar amplifier with Bluetooth system, to be able to play wirelessly and enjoy its great sound and effects.

Price €377.00

Katana Air Boss Amplifier